Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2 is a spin off from the now infamous online PC game Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1. It is cut from the exact same cloth and is not different in really any way. Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2 is a sequel to the first Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2 online PC Flash game.

This game is pretty similar to the first game of the mini monkey’s series and follows up on the same plot as well. The plot for those people who are not up to speed on the first game is you have a job to rescue or more like discover the 15 mini monkeys that are hiding in various places around the board levels (really random places). It is a clicking objects and locations kind of game and warning: it is VERY addicting. Every game in this series is fun and entertaining.

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Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 2 is about helping sad monkeys regain their joy of life back by making them laugh and keeping them entertained at all costs, but finding the 15 hidden monkeys in the process. This game actually requires that you go back to other scenes to complete missions.


There are 5 scenes of play in this game, which is lower than the previous game Monkeys Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1, but it is the start to a new mini-series; so differences are expected. But if you are a capable player, you should be fine.

Scene 1

1. Pick up the monkey on the windowsill.
2. Move the moving snow on the bottom right to uncover a monkey and pick it up.
3. Click the down arrow to go to Scene 2.


Scene 2


1. Move the moving snow on the branch top right and pick up the monkey.
2. Move the snow below the row boat and pick up a monkey.
3. Pick up the paddle from the row boat.
4. Pick up the anchor.
5. Go back to scene 1.


Scene 1 Again


1. Use the anchor on the well, wind the handle and get the bucket.
2. Proceed left to scene 3.


Scene 3


Notice the time on the clock tower. It states 45 minutes past 3. This will come in useful later.

1. Open the window shutter on the top left to uncover a monkey and pickup
2. Move the glowing lantern to knock a door key down and pick  it up off the floor.
3. Use the bucket on the oil barrel to fill up.
4. Use the paddle on the sewer lid.
5. Get in the sewer.




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